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18 hole par 72 golf course

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A full flyover of Harmon Seaside Links

The front nine meanders along the seaside and takes you through the tuckamore and coniferous woods that are prevalent along this rugged, beautiful coast. Remnants of Harmon Air Force Base are interspersed among the trees in the form of ammunition bunkers in much the same condition internally as they were more than 50 years ago (minus the ammunition). As you make the turn at number 5 our famous lagoons come into play. Depending on the time of year you might see ducks, geese, foxes, woodpeckers and occasionally moose on this part of the course. The back nine has a dominant Scottish flavor, with high wavering fescue, and sand bunkers guarding most of the holes. This nine has a panoramic view of Bay St. George and the Gulf of St. Lawrence beyond. Anyone who likes to play golf will appreciate all the good things this course offers. Those who like to play golf at a links course will feel right at home at Harmon Seaside Links.

Virtual Tour created by Greg Wells in association with College of the North Atlantic

Course Holes

Hole 1

Featuring a dog leg left

Par 4 - 405 Yards

Hole 2

Wooded trouble lines the left

Par 4 - 423 Yards

Hole 3

Relatively short with trouble lines on both sides

Par 4 - 361 Yards

Hole 4

Features one of this green's more difficult hole locations

Par 5 - 479 Yards

Hole 5

Watch out for the water on the right

Par 3 - 167 Yards

Hole 6

Water lines the right side with tree trouble on the left

Par 4 - 417 Yards

Hole 7

Putting is a unique challenge here

Par 5 - 505 Yards

Hole 8

Wind can present a challenge here and a short approach will find the water

Par 3 - 174 Yards

Hole 9

Water and bunkers can be punishing

Par 4 - 403 Yards

Hole 10

Trouble protects the right and a deep rough spans across the left

Par 5 - 471 Yards

Hole 11

Wind can have a dramatic effect here along with the presence of a water hazard

Par 3 - 167 Yards

Hole 12

Wide fairway with hazards on both sides

Par 5 - 523 Yards

Hole 13

Trouble along the left and grassy mounds along the right

Par 4 - 409 Yards

Hole 14

Dramatically slopes upward from front to back

Par 4 - 421 Yards

Hole 15

Deep rough, grassy mounds, greenside bunkers and more

Par 4 - 358 Yards

Hole 16

Deep rough and a water hazard can make play difficult

Par 4 - 317 Yards

Hole 17

Longest par 3 with out of bounds continuing down the right

Par 3 - 184 Yards

Hole 18

Deep rough on the left and out of bounds on the right

Par 4 - 404 Yards