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* For all tournaments, the deadline to register and pay is the Wednesday before the tournament unless otherwise stated. A minimum of 20 golfers is needed for an event to proceed.

Match Round Date
DCLC Net Match Play - Round of 64 Start
June 1
18 hole Qualifier for Harmon Masters - Match Play
June 10
Round of 16 Harmon Masters Match Play
June 11
DCLC Net Match Play Round of 64 Deadline
June 25
Harmon Masters Round of 16 Deadline
June 30
DCLC Net Match Play Round of 32 Deadline
July 9
Harmon Masters Round of 8 Deadline
July 16
DCLC Net Match Play Round of 16 Deadline
July 25
Harmon Masters Round of 4 Deadline
July 30
DCLC Net Match Play Round of 8 Deadline
August 8
DCLC Net Match Play Round of 4 Deadline
August 16
Harmon Masters Championship Match Deadline
August 17
DCLC Net Match Play Championship Match Deadline
August 24

* Match Play

DCLC Men’s Match Play: (Sponsored by Stefan Young of Karl’s Canteen and Stephenville Crossing Irving).

– Net match play event (strokes will be given to the higher handicapped player).

– First 64 golfers who register will play. Deadlines listed on the above schedule are firm. Please do not sign up if you will be unavailable to play for an extended period and meet the set deadlines for matches to be complete.

– Handicaps will be monitored prior to a scheduled match, so please ensure all 18-hole scores are up to date prior to a match out of stroke integrity and fairness to your fellow golfer.

Harmon Men’s Masters Match Play:

– The top 16 gross scores in an early season 18-hole qualifier will go head-to-head throughout the season.

– No strokes will be given for these matches – they will be straight up play!

– Deadlines listed are firm.


Both match play trophies will be awarded at the Club Championship award presentation.


Event Date
Lewis Hillbillies Scramble
May 13
Men's Night Opener
May 17
Spring Open
May 27-28
Ladies Night Season Opener
May 30
Caveman Classic (Teachers Tourney)
June 16
Danny Doucette Golf & Music Extravaganza
June 24
Captain’s Cup
July 1-2
Junior Provincials (The Wilds)
July 2-5 (Gander)
Lefty/Righty Tourney
July 8
Junior Harmon Invitational (Tely Tour)
July 11
Men’s/Women’s Provincials (Tamarack - Lab City)
July 20-23
Bay St. George Chamber of Commerce
July 22
Harmon Invitational
August 4-6
Butch Barron Classic (Over 50 vs. Under 50)
August 12-13
Mixed Hawaiian Fun Tournament
August 26-27
Club Championship
September 2-3
Iron Man Tournament
September 9
Ladies Tombstone
September 10